What we believe.

We believe success is a shared venture. Everything we do, we believe in helping people succeed. By helping our clients put their people, partners, and customers first, we seek to address unique and complex challenges on a personal level because when we do, we know greater success will be achieved by all.

We make the complex clear

We like the work that makes other people throw up their hands. Anything tough, ambiguous, or complex - that’s our cup of tea. Specifically, we design things like software, apps, websites, policies and processes for both businesses and people.

We find success comes with straightforward conversations, a methodical process, and by always putting people first.

We’re driven by our core values

Our core values are our fundamental beliefs that unify our efforts. We make sure that our core values are what guide the work that we do.

Act as One

We believe in intentionally planning for the success of all. We are a safe space designed to support and empower our people, partners, and prospects. Our ability to be agile and flexible in the face of tackling big problems is always met with inclusive collaboration and a genuine respect for other.

Trust in Transparency

We are rooted in clear communication and strong accountability for our people, approach, and ability to deliver on making people be successful.

Embrace the Unknown

We tackle complex opportunities by challenging the known and exploring the unknown with enthusiasm. This involves expressing a humble confidence and being a steady beacon for any person or opportunity in our ecosystem.

Inspiring Collaboration

We by nature are creative, cool and casual. This laid back yet polished approach to building long-lasting relationships positions us to take a fresh and differentiated perspective on strategic thinking. Time spent with us is fun, inspiring, strategic and approachable.

Giving to others is central to us

We like to give back where we can. Whether it's donating laptops or creating design work for a charity, we're eager to help our community where we can. Some of the organizations we have supported are: Feeding America, Exodus Refugee, Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, and EJI.

A bit about our back story

Grand Studio, born from the New York consultancy Moment, has a 15+ year history of leading design and innovation projects for some of the country’s largest companies. We collaborate with with our clients to elevate their business offerings, digital products and their relationships with users.

Who we are

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are more than buzzwords to us.
We are transparent about where we are and where we need to grow.

Want to join the team? We’re hiring!

At Grand Studio, we’re driven by our passion to explore the ambiguous and we challenge ourselves everyday to create meaningful experiences.

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