Creative problem-solvers, welcome home.

Join us

What our designers bring to the table.

Each Grand Studio designer brings a core discipline expertise, knowledge and skills in another discipline, and an insatiable curiosity to learn more.

What we expect from our designers.

Our designers are expected and empowered to handle client conversations and presentations, to contribute in all aspects of the design process—even if it’s not their core expertise—and to share ideas, knowledge, and their true personalities with the rest of the team.

How we support our team.

We love our designers and want the best for them—and that truly takes precedence for us in all business decisions we make. If a designer wants a particular opportunity, we look for a way to make it happen, whether in a project or outside the office. The cultivation of each person’s talent is what matters most to us because we’re strongest when everyone here is at their strongest.

What our designers expect from us.

In addition to standard things like, you know, a check that cashes, our designers can expect us to be truthful to our word, to stand by them in any situation, and to help them become the kind of designer they want to be. Honesty is our most important value, and we stick to it—even when the conversation is “Hey Friend. That romphim is not your best look.”

Open Roles

Designer (Contract)

At Grand Studio, there is no divide between contractors and full-timers. We’re in this together, bones and all, so our contractors get all the support, opportunities and team perks that our full-timers do. We’re looking for a few good people to help us on some really fun upcoming projects that require the brains, curiosity, and skills to deliver the right solution to complex problems.

  • - A design-related degree, Master’s degree a plus
  • - 2 to 3 years of professional design experience in a consulting or in-house environment
  • - A portfolio that demonstrates your ability to explore, design, and document digital user experiences grounded in user, business, and technical insights
  • - Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication and presentation skills
  • - Comfortable with critique, collaboration, and co-authorship
  • - Confident in individual expertise and perspective, but eager to learn from others
  • - Proficient with shared tools including the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Sketch, and InVision
  • - Fluent in a variety of prototyping methods and tools to explore and communicate ideas along the way
  • - An understanding of the end-to-end design process and shows evidence of using appropriate methods to inform solutions
  • - Potential to move to a full-time role within the first three months
  • - Office events like shuffleboard, boat tours, video arcades and special lunches
  • - Snacks, fresh fruits and veggies, coffee, tea, beer, and more
  • - Quick access to the Loop from downtown River North
  • - Happy hours, birthday celebrations, and team dinners

Want to solve complex problems, grow as a designer and have fun?