Creative problem-solvers,
welcome home.

What our designers bring to the table.

Each Grand Studio member brings design expertise and a curiosity to learn more. They consult clients from the standpoint of product strategy and design process in addition to pushing for tangible outcomes.

What we expect from our designers.

Our designers are expected and empowered to handle client conversations, project management, and presentations. They embrace collaboration and co-authorship. They contribute to all aspects of the design process — even if it’s not their initial area of expertise. Our designers share ideas, knowledge, and their true personalities with the team.

How we support our team.

We love our designers and want the best for them — and that takes precedence for us in all business decisions we make. If a designer wants an opportunity, we look for a way to make it happen, whether in a project or outside the office. The cultivation of each person’s talent is what matters most to us because we’re strongest when everyone here is at their best.

What our designers expect from us.

In addition to standard things like payroll, our designers can expect us to be true to our word, to stand by them, and to help them become the kind of designer they want to be.